Following Jesus

The world we see displays both beauty and brokenness. The beauty points to God, its loving creator, but brokenness entered the world the moment humanity sinfully walked away from the love, life and wholeness of God. God’s plan was to enter the world, become one of us, to restore our broken relation with him, each other and to make the world new.

Jesus lived the life we were created to live and died, on the cross, the death our sin deserved, taking down to the grave all our darkness, death and brokenness. Jesus rose again to offer us afresh his life, love and wholeness, as a free gift of his goodness and grace, we are welcomed into His eternal family with God as our father and His spirit as ours.

Jesus is renewing the world one changed life at a time and will return in all his power and glory to finally drive out all darkness, death and brokenness and make the world anew!

Making disciples

The more abundantly the benefits of civilization come streaming our way, the emptier our life becomes. With all its wealth and power it only shows that the human heart, in which God has put eternity, is so huge that all the world is too small to satisfy it.

Herman Bavink

To obtain what our hearts ache for demands movement. We must move away from all other things to Jesus. In Christ we will find all things. This is the journey of discipleship.

At Godfirst being and making disciples is at the heart of what we do because, it’s the centre of what Jesus is doing.

Jesus wants to know if we are ‘making disciples’. We may have hundreds of people showing up on Sunday. But we have to ask the question: Are we just good at getting people together once a week or are we actually good at producing the types of people, the disciples of Jesus, we read about in the New Testament?.

Mike Breen


One of the key vehicles for disciple making at Godfirst are THREES. THREEs are people of the same gender, who meet regularly for character conversations, spiritual growth, to share life together, and to stir one another to be gospel shaped, missional focused followers of Jesus. THREEs have no leaders and can meet anytime and anywhere.

  • T ime together – ideally one hour weekly.
  • H onesty – openness and confession.
  • R eading – applying the bible together.
  • E ncouraging – words and actions.
  • E ating – doing real life together.

Five Imperatives

At Godfirst our passion is to see people put God first in their lives through these 5 biblical imperatives.

Loving God

We centre ourselves on God. Loving God because he first loved us, we desire to know him in our worship, through the bible, and prayer. Passion fuels action

Loving Each Other

We value loving, and authentic friendships, believing it's not really church if we are not really friends! Love permeates everything

Loving our communities

We are caught up together, with all Jesus’ followers, on God’s radical mission to change lives and communities through the good news of Jesus. Mission is why the church exists

Loving the Vulnerable

We embrace Jesus’ mandate to demonstrate empowering justice, mercy, love and compassion to the lonely, the lost, and the broken around us. People matter most

Loving the Nations

We welcome people from all backgrounds and desire to train and unleash many people to see God first in the UK and the nations of the world. Jesus’ church is the hope of the world

We embrace the Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith