Church is much more than buildings and Sunday meetings. It’s an everyday community where we belong, where we share the life and the mission of Jesus together in such a way that it overflows to others.

Our desire is that people unfamiliar with the good news of Jesus, will see it lived and spoken by our Godfirst communities, so that they too become followers of Jesus.

At Godfirst we organise our everyday communities around reaching out to the people of Cheltenham with the life of Jesus. Each Godfirst Community is named after it’s missional focus, these may be the people in a geographical area, our workplaces or university or those who share similar passions.


fortnightly on Fridays at 17:30
Bishops Cleeve & Villages
We aim to live as a family of believers in community in Bishops Cleeve and surrounding areas aiming to share the love and grace of Jesus, that unites us, with our friends and neighbours.
weekly on various days at 20:00
Central Cheltenham
We're a community that shares the Gospel with our friends, colleagues and neighbours and we are based in Central Cheltenham.
weekly on various days at 20:00
Central Coffee Shop
We will be meeting on a weekly basis at a coffee shop in order to provide a regular public meeting space to aid in our relational outreach to friends and colleagues.
fortnightly on Fridays at 17:00
Prestbury & North Cheltenham
A Godfirst Community group with a vision to bless and reach out to the neighbourhoods of North Cheltenham through food, friendship and fun.
weekly on various days at 20:00
Student Mission
We are passionate about reaching the students of the University of Gloucestershire with the good news of the gospel.
weekly on various days at 20:00
West & South Cheltenham
Our passion is for each other’s immediate neighbours, friends and colleagues.
weekly on various days at 20:00
Work Place
Jesus is a big fan of the workplace and the people who work there. And so are we.

Church is not a building you attend. It’s a community where you belong, a family where you know and are known, love and are loved, where you share the life of Jesus together.

Howard Kellett, Leader
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