Church is not a building you attend. It’s a community that you connect with, a place where you belong, a place where you know and are known, love and are loved, celebrate and are celebrated, a safe place where together we pursue God and find ourselves and one-another.

Whilst Godfirst has great Sunday mornings, we believe Church is much more than Sundays, it’s more than a couple of hours each week that we give to God. Being a God first follower of Jesus and being God’s new community the church involves all of our lives.

G1 Communities

G1 Threes

True community, when it exists at all today, is fragmented. We often hardly know our neighbours; our places of work and our work colleagues are often stretched miles across the city. Even in churches, regardless of their size, relationships can be no more that a nod or a brief hello on Sundays. This is not God’s plan for community; he exists as a loving community as Father, Son, and Spirit and all of us were created in his image for loving, authentic, supportive and transforming community life, with him and each other.

The biblical shape for church isn’t institutional but family. There is nothing like the community life of the church where diverse people come together as extended families to be the kind of friends everyone wants.

G1 Threes

At Godfirst we call these extended families G1 communities or 'G1c's'. These communities are everyday church, spiritual families, disciples of Jesus, on mission together, where we live out the gospel and share life together in such a way that God’s life and love overflows to others. Being community together and reaching out with mission are to be intertwined so that people far from God and his Church will begin to understand the gospel as they see it lived out by the gospel community in everyday life.


G1 Threes

It is not only mission to those beyond the church that finds a natural expression in community. As open, honest and loving everyday relationships develop these create the context for gospel centred discipleship. This is how Jesus did discipleship in community, as he travelled, or ate a meal he shared his life with his friends. We encourage people who are active in a G1 Community to meet together in a small discipleship group of three or four people (with stunning creativity at Godfirst we call these small discipleship groups Threes).

Threes are people of the same gender, who meet regularly for character conversations, spiritual growth, to share life together, and to stir one another to be gospel shaped, missional focused followers of Jesus. Threes have no leaders and can meet anytime and anywhere.

  • T ime together - ideally one hour weekly.
  • H onesty - openness & confession.
  • R eading - applying the bible together.
  • E ncouraging – words and actions.
  • E ating – doing real life together.

At Godfirst the context for pastoral care, discipleship, and mission is the everyday-shared life of our community. Please do come and share your life with us as we together follow Jesus!

For more details contact us using the e-mail link below.

Church is not a building you attend. It’s a community where you belong, a family where you know and are known, love and are loved, where you share the life of Jesus together.

Howard Kellett, Leader
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