Exploring Faith in Jesus

The world we inhabit displays both beauty and brokenness. The beauty points to God, its loving creator, but brokenness entered the world the moment humanity sinfully walked away from the love, life and wholeness of God.

God so loved the world that he entered the world and took on our humanity, to restore our broken relation with him, each other and to make the world new. Jesus lived the life we were created to live and died, on the cross, the death our sin deserved, taking down to the grave all our darkness, death and brokenness.

Jesus rose again to offer us afresh his life, love and wholeness, as a free gift of his goodness and grace, we are welcomed into His eternal family with God as our father and His spirit as ours. Jesus is renewing the world one changed life at a time and will return in all his power and glory to finally drive out all darkness, death and brokenness and make the world anew!

If you'd like to explore faith in Jesus, you're invited to join us on Sundays or sign up for our 321 Course (Alpha Style Course).

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