Howard Kellett
Lower Hall Sunday 28th November & 12th December

On 28th November & 12th December we are not at the Parabola Arts Centre (PAC), but in the Lower Hall across the Bayshill Road within the Cheltenham Ladies College campus. This Hall is accessed using the gate down Bayshill Road from the Main Ladies College reception.

We will be meeting in the Lower Hall Sunday 26th September. 

You should find Godfirst Welcome Team in orange hi-vis jackets outside the Parabola and across the Bayshill Road to point you in the right direction. This team will be in place until 10:50am (20 Minutes after the meeting starts), then in very Matthew 25:10 -11 style, the gate will be shut.

The route from the PAC to the Lower Hall will be marked with an 'A Board', some flags outside and pop-up banners inside.  

Parking is available in all the usual places for the PAC as shown on our Sundays webpage.  

The Lower Hall is a super venue. Please don’t let a few twists and turns put you off joining us!

Here’s a map.