Lena Walford
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Sunday gathering - 5th April at 10am

This Sunday we will be meeting at your house! Online. We will host our service over ZOOM - for the link to the meeting go to our home page and click the slider you can see above. It will be a family service as we are planning to include something for kids (details here) and youth (details here). We will be starting at 10am (rather than the usual 10:30), but please allow 5 minutes beforehand to sort out your connection. 

New Bible reading plan - starts 6th April

On 6th April, we will start a dedicated week-long Bible reading plan focusing on Jesus’ last week of ministry called 'Holy Week'.

Hands Together - every day at noon

Join with the Love Cheltenham Churches and pray for 3 minutes for Cheltenham and the nation and the nations of the world.


In line with the government’s initiatives aimed at fighting the spread of coronavirus, there will be no official G1 gatherings of any size. Please read a message from our leadership team addressing this situation and suggesting next steps.

To listen to Christophers response to COVID-19 from Sunday 15th March click here

Please remain in prayer for Cheltenham, our NHS, and our political leaders as they respond to this situation.