Joanna Moat
The Big Give

On 2nd and 9th of February we will be talking about Godfirst strategy to increase resources in our Vision Fund. A big part of our vision is to be in a position to purchase or long term lease a building for our use on Sundays and as a ministry base. At the moment we are spread across a number of venues on rent-basis: Parabola Arts Centre for Sunday gatherings, St Andrew’s church for mid-week events and St Paul’s church for our office space. We spent £20,000 last year on all our venues, so would love to be in one place to call home and base. And so we would like to start gathering money for a deposit on a building.

This form will be handed out on Sunday – please prayerfully consider what you could give on 2nd or 9th February. 

Step one – many of us already give to the General Fund. This is our current account which we use to cover our outgoings. We are still working towards balancing our budget having increased our staff in recent years. 

Many of you already give to it and we are so so grateful: without your support we wouldn’t be able to function!

For all of us this is a journey: some may have only started it, many give regularly, a number give proportionately and some even sacrificially. Wherever you are, is this something you can review and step up?

Step two – our Vision Fund is designed to help us reach our vision goals. This is what we would rely on if were to buy or long term lease a place of our own. We are asking everyone to consider if they can support this vision. This could be done by setting up a number of monthly gifts or one-off gifts directly into the Vision Fund account. 

Thank you so much for your partnership in the gospel and in serving the church and people of this town. We are really excited about what we can achieve together!