Lena Walford
Kids Online

Sunday 29th March

Hey G1Kids!

We hope you are finding some fun and creative ways to connect with God together as a family during this new season of life. 

Here are some ideas of a few things you can do...
Show your parents The Gospel Project TIMELINE and talk them through what we have been learning since we started right at the beginning of Genesis.


This week we have reached the story of JACOB AND RACHEL.

Challenge your parents or siblings to a game of “DRAW SWORDS” to find Genesis chapters 29-31. 

Can you find out why poor Jacob had to work for fourteen years so he could marry Rachel whom he loved? What a long time! Find out how Jacob was tricked.

You can read the brief version of the story here…


Despite all the tricks, nothing could stop God’s plan for the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Even though Jacob did not love Leah, God loved her and used her in His plan. Through the family of Jacob and Leah’s son Judah, God would show His love for the world by sending His Son to be the Saviour He promised. Who was that?! 

Read the bible story with your mum or dad and then act it out! Find a t-towel to put on your head to be a shepherd like Jacob. Find some blocks or other creative way to make a well and use cotton wool balls or scrunched up paper to be the sheep. Now it’s time to act out being Jacob...
Start by meeting Rachel at the well and giving the sheep some water. Can Rachel take you to met her Father Laban? Now it’s time to work for Laban and look after the sheep... for 7 long years! Wow what a long time! After 7 years have passed it’s finally your wedding day. Can you dress up ready for a wedding? You are super excited as you’ve been waiting to marry Rachel for a LONG time! Don’t forget to have a BIG wedding feast... do you know it went on for a whole week? But wait…oh no…it’s the wrong bride! What has happened? You’ve been tricked! You’ll have to have your wedding all over again to the right bride this time. Can you act this out for a second time? Uh oh…you are going to have to go back to the fields to look after the sheep for ANOTHER 7 long years! Wow what hard work!! 

Here are the activity sheets for this week. Click to download and print.
Here is the link to the song "IF YOU CONFESS" that we have recently introduced in Ignite… can you teach it to the rest of your family? 

Can you draw your family tree? God has given us each a unique and special family to grow up in. Thank God for the family he has given you. 
Now can you draw Jacob’s family tree? He had four wives, 12 sons and 1 daughter …WOW! A little different to our family trees these days! Which family line was Jesus born into?

Here is the activity sheet for this week. Click to download and print.

Here is the link to the song "OUR CREATOR AND KING" that we have learnt in Elevate…can you teach it to the rest of your family as you worship together?

Find a quiet space and maybe put on some quiet music, just like we do in Elevate, then ask God to speak to you as you think about the story. Consider the following questions and write down your thoughts in sentences or pictures.

•What does this story teach me about God?

•What are the promises in this story to remember? 

•How do they help me trust and love God?


EXTRA CHALLENGE .... Can you finish reading the story of Jacob?

Keep on reading Genesis chapters 32 and 33 to find out how Jacob was given a new name as he finally travelled back home to face his brother Esau. Do you think Esau still wanted to kill Jacob? Can you find out who Jacob wrestled with? (This would be a cool part of the bible story to act out!) And finally can you find out what Jacob's name got changed to?
Here is the brief version of the story here..

Click to download and print.

Click to download and print.

If you want to email me the answers to any of these questions or anything else you’ve done at home we’ll pop some extra tickets into your ticket envelopes ready for when we meet together on a Sunday again… I think we’re going to need to stock up on our ticket store! Use

Enjoy connecting with God this week as you finish the story of Jacob.

Next week we'll move onto our Easter series and look at the greatest story of all!