Lena Walford
Youth Online

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Our aim is to continue to engage the G1 Youth in fun activities to do from home on both, Sundays (11am-Noon) and Thursdays (7pm-8pm).

We will be uploading content here for your young person to get stuck into during our Sunday meetings via Webinar. We hope this will help our Youth continue to grow spiritually in this season of change.

Due to the Youth being off school, we hope to have content for them to enjoy every Thursday for the foreseable future.
This will consist of fortnightly Zoom meet ups with fun challenges to do with one another online as well as alternative Thursdays consisting of pre-recorded content via this news item with a range of activities to do from home!

Thursday 26th March - ZOOM YOUTH 7pm-8pm

If you want to be involved with any of the above please do contact