Joanna Moat
Rhythm of Prayer

At Godfirst we want to be a regular prayerful and worshipful community. A big expression of this vision are our prayer meetings which run weekly and monthly.


Every first Wednesday of a month we set aside an evening to pray as a church. There are no small group or other meetings to allow everyone a chance to attend. At the moment those meetings are over zoom but we hope to gather in person before long!


Our weekly rhythm of prayer sees us gather (also over zoom) every Friday morning for an uplifting half an hour at 7am. What better way to wake up and start the day? Turning your video on is optional, and you can leave early if you need to.


Join in with our monthly and weekly church prayer meetings wherever you are.


The next meeting is: 8th July (that's a Thursday as football has taken over the Wednesday) 7:30pm.

Then: Friday 9th July at 7am.


For zoom link to attend the meetings go here