Joanna Moat
Christmas gifts for Family Space

As a church family, Godfirst supports a charity called Family Space - a charity who work with hundreds of families throughout the local area (
One way we do so is by offering help around the Christmas season. Family Space are able to help with the basic needs but they have asked for help with making Chrismtas a bit more joyful for those families. Last year Family Space asked us if we could provide gifts to mums they work with as they usually end up being the ones without a gift to open on Christmas Day. We prepared these candles with Christmas message attached. 

This went down so well that Family Space have asked us if we could do the same again this year. We would love as many of you as can to take part!

What does the process look like? 

Family Space have provided a list of names of ladies to buy gifts for.  We ask those who can to either pick a name (or names) at random this Sunday, or get in touch with to ask for a random allocation. We have around 150 names in total so feel free to pick as many as you want or can do. 
Then please buy a large candle per person as a gift, add a Christmas card or tag written to the person you have and bring them with you on Sunday 21st or 28th November when we will be collecting them. 
Most importantly: pray for the people whose names you have - this is going to be the best gift you can give this Christmas!

We are really looking forward to this and hope you can join in!